How Enchanting

We've been training hard, and we've learned how to cast spells in the Multiverse! You'll need to buy a wand at Ollivander's on Spawn Ranch first, of course — ain't no place better. When you buy your wand, it will come equipped with stupefy, which stuns & damages mobs and players. Further spells must be unlocked at Ollivander's… or other magical shops PENDING: a spell and enchantment shop will open in Spawn Ranch soon; thank you for your patience.

If you lose your wand, you can craft another by following this recipe:


  • Accio: Pulls an item or entity toward the caster

  • Aguamenti: Summons a pit of water on the target with a configurable radius

  • Alarte Ascendare: Shoots a target into the air

  • Alohamora: Opens any door or trap door (including iron doors) from a distance

  • Apparate: Teleports to where the caster is pointing

  • Arania Exumai: Instantly kills spiders, while dealing a smaller amount of damage to other targets

  • Arresto Momentum: Slows the fall of a target (or the caster if there is no target)

  • Ascendio: Shoots the caster into the sky

  • Avada Kedavra: Instantly kills a target (UNFORGIVABLE)

  • Avis: Shoots a flock of birds from the caster's wand

  • Bubble-Head Charm: Allows the caster to breathe underwater for a period of time

  • Confringo: Shoots a fireball from the caster's wand

  • Confundo: Blinds and confuses a target for a period of time

  • Crucio: Tortures a target by slowly harming them and forcing them to sneak (UNFORGIVABLE)

  • Defodio: Digging spell that will break all of the blocks around the target block in a configurable

  • Episkey: Heals a target by a small amount

  • Evanesco: Makes the caster invisible for a period of time

  • Everte Statum: Throws your target up and back

  • Expelliarmus: Disarms an opponent If the target is holding a wand, the wand will owe allegiance to the caster

  • Fiendfyre: Summons an expanding ring of fire around the caster

  • Glacius : Traps a target in a cube of ice temporarily

  • Homenum Revilio: Reveals the location of entities around the caster

  • Impedimenta: Slows the target's movement and hit speed

  • Imperio: Gives the caster full control of a target's movement (UNFORGIVABLE)

  • Impervius: Allows the caster to walk normally in water. Great for exploring the ocean floor!

  • Jelly-Brain Jinx: Turns your target's brain into jelly, giving them confusion and slow digging

  • Incendio: Sets a target on fire

  • Lumos: Lights up the night for the caster

  • Melofors: Encases a target's head in a pumpkin

  • Morsmordre: Summons the Dark Mark, giving the caster strength and bad omen

  • Nox: Negates the effects of lumos

  • Periculum: Shoots red sparks from the caster's wand, signaling that they are in danger

  • Petrificus Totalus: Temporarily stops all movement for a target

  • Piscofors: Transforms the target into a fish (Note: this will not target players yet)

  • Protego: Creates an aura around the caster that will reflect any incoming spells back to the opponent

  • Reducto: Creates an explosion on a target or location

  • Reparo: Repairs the armor and any item in the hand of the caster

  • Sectumsempra: Cuts open a target, causing them to bleed

  • Serpensortia: Spawns a silverfish that will attack the caster's target

  • Stupefy: Pushes back and confuses a target, while dealing a small amount of damage

  • Surgito: Remove all potion effects from a target (or from the caster if there is no target)

  • Wingardium Leviosa: Levitates a target temporarily

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