Portals and You

The Multiverse is big. REEEEALLY big. You just won't believe how vaaastly, huugely, mindbogglingly big it is.
Here follows a bit of basic information about the ways to visit new planets, and what we know about the ones we've discovered.

"Server portals" cost credits to use (except Earth, which is free to visit). They can be found in Dibbler's House o' Portals, on our hub planet, Spawn Ranch. Portals back to spawn are always free.
Player-created portals are not yet functional.

There's a junk TARDIS at Malfunctioning Eddie's, on Spawn Ranch; anyone can use it (management is not responsible for death, dismemberment, or marooning). You can also build your own —check your crafting recipes at a workbench. Traveling in a TARDIS does not cost credits.

Spawn Ranch
Vanilla 1.15.2
Where it all begins. There are a few shops, an Ender chest, a place to sell your loot, and the server's main portal hub.

Earth (Starting World)
Vanilla 1.15.2
Easy, PvE ¢0
Mostly harmless. This is the starting world; come here to make enough credits to get to a decent planet.

Vanilla 1.15.2 (nether)
Normal, PvP ¢100
A regular, pre-nether-update Nether planet. Come here to fight other players.

The End
Vanilla 1.15.2 (end)
Normal, PvE ¢100
It's the End. You know what this is. There are some special dragons with names here, and they respawn a little while after you kill one. The Endermen are still dicks.

Normal, PvE ¢500
A swamp planet. Come to make a treehouse into your base, stay for the constant threat of leeches & mosquitoes.

CityWord (nether)
Hard, PvP ¢1000
A destroyed, post-apocalyptic "anarchist jurisdiction." The buildings are all on fire, the villagers are dead, dogs and cats are living together, and all the oceans have turned to lava.

Normal, PvE ¢500
The Doctor's home planet.

Hard, PvE ¢1000
Welcome to the big bad city, Country Mouse! Cybermen abound, and breaking bookshelves is probably a bad idea. Keep sharp, dig deep, and try not to get upgraded!

Hard, PvE ¢1000
They shoulda probably called it "Coldth," amirite? Yuk yuk yuk. You'll want something to keep you warm, or you'll start taking freezing damage immediately...

Oh, the Dungeons You'll Go
Hard, PvE ¢2000
Time for an old-fashioned dungeon crawl! This planet is riddled with ancient towers, dungeons, and oubliettes full of loot and baddies.

Midgard (still exploring)
Normal, PvE ¢500
This planet appears to be an Earth-type planet, but lifeform analysis shows some anomalies.

Niflheim (still exploring)
Normal, PvP ¢500
Look like another Hell planet, but we're still scanning the terrain.

Dann's WG (demo)
Hard, PvE ¢1000
Under the burning desert sun, endless underground rivers support a hidden jungle. Explorers beware; with rocks and sand overhead, it's always night in the Saharan jungles!

Hard, PvE ¢1000
Where Silurians come from.

Hard, PvE ¢1000
Home of the Daleks, and the only place in the 'verse where they can fly (something about the low gravity, thin atmosphere, and oceans made of acid).

Hard, PvP ¢1000

Try to find the high ground, and beware the Fire Beetles.

Normal, PvE ¢500
Sand, moisture farmers, and power converters. Nothing special.

Vanilla 1.15.2
Hard, PvP ¢1000
Just like Earth... but if you die, you'll never be able to go back to this planet.
(PLEASE NOTE: you'll still be allowed on the rest of the server)

CityWorld (end)
Hard, PvE ¢1000
Ah, Walfotze. Drink it in. It's a fact -- this is the greatest city-planet in the 'verse. Discovered by the Germans in 2304, they named it "Walfotze," which of course in German means 'a whale's vagina.' Some people say the city's peace is a false one, but initial scans have shown no sign of dragons. We await the return of our first landing party for more information.