Portals and You

The Multiverse is big. REEEEALLY big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is.
Here follows a bit of basic information about the ways to visit new planets, and what we know about the ones we've discovered.

Most portals cost credits to use (except Earth, which is free to visit). The server hub can be found in Dibbler's Discount House O' Portals, or you can just build one out of the correct block and light it with a flint & steel. Note: even if you craft the portal yourself, it still costs credits to travel the NeverNever.

There's a junk TARDIS at Malfunctioning Eddie's, on Spawn Ranch; anyone can use it (management is not responsible for death, dismemberment, or marooning). TARDIS seeds are for sale on Spawn Ranch; place it on the ground, and r-click it with your TARDIS key (IMPORTANT: you should do this on your own claim: this will become your TARDIS's home location). Traveling in a TARDIS does not cost credits, but does consume Artron energy.

*Malfunctioning Eddie's is temporarily closed; the mgt regrets any inconvenience this may cause.

IMPORTANT NOTE: unclaimed land which is not modified for over 37 days will be regenerated and all modifications will be lost.
Use /lands to begin claiming; everyone gets one free land on joining the server.

Spawn Ranch
PaperMC Vanilla (flat) 1.17.2
Portal block: Bedrock
Where it all begins. There are some shops, an Ender chest, and access to the server's travel hub, known as the portal church. You cannot claim land on Spawn Ranch without special permission. Currently under construction, but most shop NPCs are in place.

Earth (overworld)
PaperMC Vanilla 1.17.2 (live)
Easy, PvE ¢0
Portal block: Cobblestone
Mostly harmless. This is the starter planet; come here to collect resources, stake a claim, and make enough credits to travel somewhere decent. No leveled or special mobs spawn here.

Spigot Vanilla 1.15.2 (nether)
Easy, PvP ¢100
Portal block: Obsidian
Remember the old nether? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

The End
PaperMC Vanilla 1.17.2 (end)
Easy, PvE ¢100
Portal block: End Stone
It's the End. You know what this is. There are some dragons with names here, and they respawn. The Endermen are still bastards.

Spigot Vanilla 1.7.2 (overworld)
Normal, PvE ¢1000
Portal block: Green Concrete
A standard overworld planet, built on the ashes of old code.

PaperMC Vanilla 1.17.2 (nether)
Normal, PvP ¢1000
Portal block: Netherrack
A nether planet with all the cool new biomes.

AlmostFlatLandsReloaded 1.15.2 (overworld)
Hard, PvE ¢5000
Portal block: Slime Block
Endlessly sprawling flat land, full of slime and the occasional tree. Adventurers make great targets for the lightning storms you'll almost certainly encounter; don't get caught out in the open! Portal block: slime block.

CityWorld 1.15.2 (overworld)
Hard, PvE ¢5000
Welcome to the big bad city, Country Mouse! Cybermen abound, acid rainstorms befoul everything, and breaking bookshelves is probably a bad idea. Stay sharp, dig deep, and try not to get upgraded! Portal block: purpur pillar.

The Underdark
Underdark 1.7.2 (nether)
Hard, PvP ¢5000
Portal block: Nether Brick
From the original (abandoned) project page: "...loosely based on D&D's underdark, the home of the Drow. The landscapes generated are filled with lava lakes, bridges, tunnels, and huge stalactites which form the ceiling." Beware the Hungering Darkness. Portal block: nether bricks.