1) Use Vivecraft or Optifine, and enable the server resource pack.

2) Follow Wheaton's Law.

3) No nazis.

4) There is no rule 4.

5) He who pays the hosting bill is always right.


Punching wood? Nope. You must use a hatchet or axe for breaking any wooden blocks.

Digging dirt with your bare hands? Nope. You must use a shovel for breaking any dirt/sandy blocks.

Breaking stone? You must use a mattock or pickaxe for breaking any hard blocks.

Gathering fruits or vegetables? You must use a sickle for harvesting crops.

Cut strings or disarm TNT? You must use shears for cutting.

Placing artificial blocks? You must use a hammer in your offhand for placing blocks.

There are no wooden tools, and some recipes have changed from vanilla; use the green crafting book on your inventory screen for crafting.
Flint can be crafted from gravel — sometimes. Sticks drop from leaves, or can be crafted from saplings.
To light a campfire, hit it with a stick, or use a flint+steel or a firestriker.










/discord link

/f help

/petm help

/lca recipe <type>

(or, how to stake a claim in the Multiverse)

PLEASE NOTE: it is advisable to do this before you start building anything, as the price is based on the blocks in the fence.

Surround your claim with a rectangular or square fence.

Place a sign on the fence and write [rp] on first line.

The second line is the name of your region; this may be left blank and can be changed later.

Lines 3 and 4 will add additional leaders to your area; they may be left blank and can be changed later.

If you have sufficient credits, the sign will change to read "done;" at this point the sign AND the fence can be destroyed without affecting your claim.

Sub-regions can be created in order to make cities & towns; land can be claimed on any planet except for Spawn Ranch (or inside Dibbler's HODP).

See video for demonstration (text in Portugese)